Live vs Online

Technology has advanced the auction industry into a platform that was not available prior to the Internet. The World Wide Web has allowed auctioneers to make goods available in real time to an unlimited competitive consumer market.

When making a decision to sell items online vs live it’s important to consider the merchandise, real estate, area, circumstance, market and potential buyers.

Live events deliver an authentic exciting environment where bidders can ask questions and interact with ringmen and other auction professionals. Theirs often a high level of trust because of the visual activity of all parties involved. For a benefit auction a live event can help sell tickets and also provide entertainment for the evening.

Sellers can also consider a combination of live and online sale. This can be accomplished with online pre-bidding or a simulcast event during which bids are accepted in person, phone and online.

Contact one of our professional auctioneers to find out more about which type of auction is best suited for your property. An auctioneer will gladly review the property for sale, evaluate the market and provide an auction proposal to meet your needs and get your items sold!

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