Georgia Auctioneers Benefit Form – Non-Profit Request for Letter of Exemption was created by the GA Auction Commission. You can download the form and instructions from the GA Auction Commission Page located on the Georgia Secretary of State website. The following are a few instructions regarding the forms use posted by the commission.

Click Here to Download The Georgia Auctioneers Benefit Form – Non-Profit Request for Letter of Exemption

A letter of exemption must be obtained from the Commission prior to the date of the auction if any of the following apply: 1. Where funds are to be used by a nonprofit organization for the preservation of wildlife or its habitats. 2. Any person acting as an auctioneer in the auction of livestock, forest products, or farm products in an auction facility which is licensed and bonded under the provisions of Article 3 of Chapter 6 of Title 4 or in an auction facility which is licensed under Code Section 10-4-101. 3. Any youth livestock auction, sponsored by a 4-H Club or the Future Farmers of America.

A letter of exemption is not required for the following: 1. Any person acting as a receiver, trustee in bankruptcy, administrator, executor, or any such person acting under order of any court. 2. Any nonprofit organization conducting an auction where the funds are to be used in a way as to benefit persons with physical or mental disabilities or disorders or for research related to cures or prevention of such disabilities or disorders. 3. Students of approved auctioneering schools during the term of their course of study. 4. Any person conducting a public sale of personal property pursuant to the provisions of Code Section 10-4-213. 5. Ringpersons as defined in Code Section 43-6-1.

None of the above apply:  Any organization or entity that is not included in the exceptions to the operation of Title 43 Chapter 6 pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 43-6-24, shall be required to hire a licensed auctioneer to conduct the auction(s) and said licensed auctioneer is required to file out an application for Company Exemption on behalf of the organization or entity. To obtain a Company Exemption, complete and submit the Exempt Auction Company Application, which can be found on the Board’s website under the Application/Form Downloads section.