It’s a good time of the year to plan for the future.

This time of the year always seems to be the slowest. For us Real Estate Auctioneers most of our clients are on vacation. Usually from Thanksgiving till the new year is when we are hopefully doing a few Auctions and gearing up for January. Late December and January Auctions, for Real Estate auctioneers, it’s a time where auctions seem to be few and far between. We have found it a good time to begin to focus on Business Development. Typically we will take a few days and dedicate them to identifying those people we think would be future sellers and coming up with a plan on how we are going to reach them. As we get busy during the year we seldom sit down and take the time to concentrate on new business, so we take this slower time to all get together and come up with a plan on how we are going to get new business this upcoming year. The market and our sellers are changing and we need always be preparing for that change. As it is now we are getting most of our business from banks with the property they have taken back but that will end and we need to be ready when that happens. Many companies have put all their eggs in one basket, relying on just one or two sellers. Those companies usually don’t survive a change in the market or when those sellers run out of things to sell or change the way they sell properties. So take time and look ahead to see who you may be able to work for in the future and don’t wait till it has already passed you by.

Contributed by Drew Dixon, Georgia Auctioneer Association Board Member and Auctioneer at John Dixon Auctions.

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