Recently Georgia Auctioneer Association member and John Dixon, owner of John Dixon & Associates, hired a seasoned Air Force Veteran.  Ms. Catherine Britt shared her gratitude in the form of a thank you letter to the auction company and we wanted to take the opportunity to recognize this patriotic act and how other auction companies may benefit from employing our nations well prepared veterans.

I would like to thank John Dixon & Associates for hiring me, a 24+ year Air Force Veteran. my training in the Military was the inspection and transportation of Hazardous Cargo of all kinds. The requirements for my military job was being a very detailed and of course being a very accurate individual.

I was first hired by KJ Otis the CFO/AO as a fill in for the Administrative Assistant who was on sick leave for an extended period of time. I knew the first day that I worked at John Dixon & Associates that it was a very unique company.  KJ Otis has all the best qualities of what a CFO/CAO of any company should have. Lucky for me, my job became full time and I am now in my second year as an Administrative Assistant.

John Dixon is a business professional, whom without exception is one of the finest examples of what a leader, mentor and family man should be.  These qualities do not stop with Mr. Dixon but emanates with every member of his team. They all know and execute their jobs in such a manner as to make this company a proven success now and in the future. It is no wonder that Mr. Dixon and his company are highly respected and revered in the Auction world.

I might add that I am not the only Veteran associated with JDA. Approximately one third of the staff at John Dixon and Associatioes has served in our military. John Dixon himself served two tours of duty with the Navy Seabees in Vietnam.

I am sincerely thankful that this company took a chance on me and for the respect and patience I have been shown everyday since I came to work here. I urge all GAA Members to remember and employ the Veterans of the United States Military.

Note:  John Dixon is a member of the GAA Hall of Fame and is a past President of GAA. KJ Otis presently serves as Treasure to the Georgia Auctioneers Association.

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