Hilda Allen of Adel, Georgia was announced as the newest member of the Georgia Auctioneers Hall of Fame at GAA’s summer conference on August 7, 2014.   She is the first female to receive this honor. Watch the video below to learn more about this Georgia Auctioneer who has been an active member of the Georgia Auctioneers Association for over 30 years.  Hilda served as first female GAA President in 2001 and has been a sponsor and continued supporter of the association.

Hilda’s a pioneer and worked hard to gain respect in a male dominated profession. She initially worked for Georgia Farmers Auction where she sold Farm Equipment and Real Estate at Auction. After a few successful sales she became one of the boys and they became blind to her gender. Now Ms. Allen specializes in selling golf courses at auction nationwide. Auctioneers were one of the first professionals, but this does not guarantee automatic trust. Human contact, personal interaction, education of buyers and sellers is necessary to build successful relationships. Watch the video to learn more about how Hilda values these assets and how the Georgia Auctioneers Associations focus on Education helps our members and conference attendees keep their tool box full and skills polished.

Special thanks to all our Georgia Auctioneer Hall of Fame Members for all your contributions to the industry and congratulations to Mrs. Hilda Allen!

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